Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 7 NFL Football Picks

My apologies, I skipped a week and missed my Week 6 picks, but the story line was the Packers continue to struggle on offense and the Cowboys, behind rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, continue to thrive.  The Vikings were idle week 6 and Sam Bradford returns to Philadelphia to take on his former team, the Eagles, i'm picking the Vikings.

Packers 28 Bears 17
Giants 24 Rams 10
Chiefs 31 Saints 28
Titans 21 Colts 17
Vikings 30 Eagles 7
Bengals 38 Browns 10
Redskins 24 Lions 16
Jaguars 17 Raiders 14
Bills 28 Dolphins 23
Jets 24 Baltimore 14
49ers 31 Bucs 28
Falcons 38 Chargers 31
Patriots 24 Steelers 7
Cardinals 24 Seahawks 10
Denver 16 Houston 13

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

60 Day Strength Training Challenge

So yesterday I embarked on a new challenge, a 60 Days to Fit challenge.  It is a strength training program, with the intention of promoting fat loss, while increasing strength.

After Day 1, exercising the shoulders and traps I woke up feeling extremely sore, having excercised muscles that I haven't used in awhile.  But the push goes on. I also ran 3 miles on the treadmill to mix in a little cardio, an easy 9 minute pace.  It was my first time running since the Twin Cities Marathon, over a week ago and it felt good.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My second marathon: I finished the race

On Sunday, October 10th, I ran my second marathon and crossed the finish line with a time of 4:22:53.

The time was two full minutes slower than what I completed the same race last year, but I am gratified that I completed the race.

I had a targeted goal of finishing the race well below the mark I crossed the line at 3:25:00. I think I bit off more than what I could chew.  I stuck with the pace group for the first 6 miles, but I gradually started to fall of that pace as I was unable to keep my heart rate below 190 BPM.  As I closely monitored my heart rate I knew that if I kept it that high for the remainder of the race I would not finish. I was able to reign in my heart rate a little bit and finished the race hovering around 160 BPM, I felt more comfortable, but my pace was 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

At the end of the day, the moral of this story is to "not bite off more than what you can chew." Yes, I finished the race, but was I ready for that kind of pace for 26.2 miles? No.

I will live to run another marathon. My goals will need to be set higher and they will need to be attainable goals. The beat goes on, work harder, and train even harder.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Marathon

It's been a full year since I've run my first marathon and life has come full circle to bring me to my second marathon. I'm ready for this!

The Twin Cities Marathon is tomorrow! Look for me, I will be wearing Bib #4021.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 5, NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

2016: Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

1. Denver Broncos (4-0)
The Broncos defense continues to dominate and the offense continues to manage the game.

2. Minnesota Vikings (3-0)
Top to bottom, the Vikings defense has grown into one of the best defenses in the league. Quarterback, Sam Bradford is 3-0.

3. Philadephia Eagles (3-0)The E-A-G-L-E-S are undefeated! If I was a betting man and picked the Eagles to be undefeated to start the season, I would've won big.

4. Green Bay Packers (2-1)
The Packers were idle this week and remain where they were last week.

5. New England Patriots (3-1)
The Patriots survived without future Hall of Fame Quarterback, Tom Brady.  A perfect game for Brady to return versus the lowly Cleveland Browns in week 5.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)
Very nice rebound win in week 4, Roethlisberger was lethal, throwing for 5 touchdown passes.
7. Dallas Cowboys (3-1)
Now just the question remains, will Tony Romo have a starting spot when a returns from IR.  Dak Prescott has nearly solidified himself as the starter in "Big D".

8. Seattle Seahawks (3-1)
Playing with a bummed knee, Russel Wilson remains the starting quarterback in Seattle. As long as he remains in the lineup, the Seahawks will continue to find ways to win.  At the end of the day, they will win more games then they will lose.

9. Atlanta Falcons (3-1)Matt Ryan leads the NFL in passing yards and on Sunday he threw for 5 touchdowns. The only question remains, will the Falcons find a way to play defense?

10. Oakland Raiders (3-1)Jack Del Rio has the boys firing on all cylinders, very nice win at Baltimore in week 4.

Others Receiving Consideration: Buffalo Bills (2-2), Kansas City (2-2), Houston (3-1)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I love me some playoff baseball: Bluejays top Orioles in extras

Thank you Major League Baseball for expanding the playoffs, tonight's game was sure entertaining. The Toronto Bluejays defeated the Baltimore Orioles in 11-innings on a walk-off home run, 5-2.

Keeping a close Eye on the Vikings: Super Bowls are not won in October

My Week #5 Power Rankings will be released on Wednesday, it will include the Broncos and Vikings atop the latest polls. As a Vikings fan, i'm keeping an open mind. The Blair Walsh missed kick last year in the playoffs and the Gary Anderson missed kicked in 1998 is still looming large. Super Bowls are not won in October.