Monday, October 26, 2015

I completed my first Marathon

On October 4, 2015 I participated in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and completed with a time of 4:20:49.  It was my first time participating in a Marathon and my goal all along was just to finish the race, time wasn't my greatest concern, although I was shooting for under 4 hours.

It was the longest continued distance I had ran, my training was limited as the longest stretch run that I had was 11 miles, which took place back in the spring of year.

It was surely a test of fortitude as I approached the 21-mile mark when my leg began to cramp, which I was told all along will likely occur.  I hit "the wall", as it's so often coined, but I persevered.

What I remarkable experience, certainly one that I will remember for a lifetime.  My family was waiting for me near the finish line and it was a joy to see them, as they have supported my new hobby.

It is definitely not going to be my only marathon.  I now know what I need to do to improve my time, train harder.