Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gordon Hayward Injury

I'm not a basketball fan, but my thoughts and prayers go out to Gordon Hayward. That was a gruesome injury that no one should have to endure.

Friday, October 6, 2017

2017 NFL Week 5 Game Picks: Vikings top Bears; Chiefs stay Perfect

The NFL's byes have begun and we roll into week 5 of the regular season. Here is my picks for the week.

Bills over the Bengals
Browns over the Jets
Panthers over the Lions
Colts over the Niners
Titans over the Dolphins
Giants over the Chargers, look for the a big day for Beckham and Manning.
Eagles over the Cardinals
Steelers over the Jaguars
Rams over the Seahawks
Raiders over the Ravens
Packers over the Cowboys
Chiefs over the Texans, KC remains unbeaten.
Vikings over the Bears, their is no line in this game, it's a toss up, but i'm siding with my hometown team in the one.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Delano Athletics Baseball - The Early Years

Delano Athletics Baseball - The Early Years

Adam Jaunich is an experienced sales professional and technology advisor who has a passion for playing and coaching baseball in his free time. A member of the Delano Athletic Club, Adam Jaunich is involved in a campaign to preserve the municipal baseball park in his hometown of Delano. One of the oldest ballparks in Minnesota, Delano Municipal Stadium has been a community staple for over 100 years. Referred to as the "Terrors of the '90s," the Delano Millers were one of the first teams to call the field home late in the 19th century. The team played sparingly as travel was difficult, but by 1923, the Millers joined the Old Wright County League, which was sponsored by the American Legion. After multiple state championship appearances in the 1930s, the Millers changed its name to the Delano Colts and enjoyed similar success in the following decade, finishing as state runners-up in 1941 and 1942. Created in 1948, the Delano Athletic Club immediately became the team's official sponsor. The club was instrumental in making Delano Municipal Stadium one of the first ball parks in the state to use lights. Since 1948, the team has been known as the Delano Athletics, colloquially the Delano A’s, and has played in the North Star League. The team has hosted four state tournaments at the ballpark, with the most recent occurring in 2013.